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Welcome to the Prof. Dibakar Das research group in School of Engineering Sciences & Technology at University of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Here at LoFCM, we conduct advanced material research and device fabrication techniques to develop state-of-the-art ferroelectric systems (FE) & relaxor ferroelectric (RFE) systems for energy storage application; Hexaferrite systems for permanent magnet applications; multifunctional nano biomaterials for drug delivery applications. 


Our Research Activities

Our advanced functional ceramics research group is involved in investigating lead-free piezoceramics such as BZT-BCT and magnetostrictive materials such as Cobalt ferrites for senors and actuators applications. We are exploring the possibility of finding novel structural and physico-chemical properties of these advanced ceramic materials. Some of these investigations are leading to viable technologies.

News & Events

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Prof. Dibakar Das is now leading an Article Collection in Materials Technology.

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